Scout's Honor

Full disclosure, I've fostered and adopted for Scout's Honor for years. I absolutely love them and so should you! I brought Scout's Honor into Keystone Resources when I was the VP Interactive and oversaw the visual and user experience design as well as the full development. The front-end development was split between myself and my staff, while I did all of the back-end development including the custom pet search and API integration with RecueGroups.org (also an awesome group).

I now manage the client and handle all of the maintenance and future development requests.

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Time and Tools

I did the front-end markup and back-end PHP and hosting configurations for this simple, clean and responsive one-page site.

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National Museum of Funeral History

This was one of my favorite projects of all time! Aside from how awesome of an organization this is and the brilliant talent running it, the site was a fun technical challenge. I did all of the front-end markup and back-end MODX development for this site, while also co-user experience designing and co-art directing. We had a lot of content integration and design as well as the migration of the shop from Yahoo! to Foxycart along with a custom built MODX calendar. I also built several custom MODX snippets for the shop and data migrations.

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For this unique staffing agency, we built a site that was simple, cool and easy to use. I helped with the user experience design, art direction and front-end markup, while focusing on the back-end MODX development and integrating their job feeds and applications with a custom third-party API.

I am currently in charge of maintenance for this site and we are working on a phase two that will implement user logins and a profile history for applicants.

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American Guild of Organists - 2016 Conference

For this hip conference site, I was the user experience designer and co-art director. I also did all of the front-end markup and MODX implementation before it was handed off to Keystone Resources for maintenance and content entry.

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McCormack Baron Salazar

I was the lead Project Manager and User Experience Designer for this project. My favorite feature on this site is the "Find A Home" section, which uses MODX Collections and a Javascript Mapping API.

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Gingersnaps ETC.

This was my first full commercial Ruby on Rails project. I was provided design PSD's by the client and did all of the front-end markup and back-end implementation, as well as the Rails cart and Square API integration for payments.

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Institute for Advanced Medical Education

This site came to us as an already existing custom PHP site with an old MODX install. Recently, I upgraded the servers and MODX install to run more smoothly. I have also been working on a SimpleCart integration with many custom modifications along with a unified user model that ties the MODX user system in with an existing external users database. I have created numerous custom import, migration and hook snippets for this site.

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Super Secret Company (NDA in Place)

For this super secret currently un-launched project, I was a hired gun to help with front-end development on a large ASP.NET application. Think lots of jQuery and AJAX mixed with HTML5 markup into .NET templates.

Corsham Antiques

For this site, the homepage Photoshop file was delivered to me and I bounced out the graphics, did the front-end markup and implemented the templates into MODX. I handed this back off to the client ready for content entry.

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Eutex International

This site came to me as several disparate Photoshop files and I did the asset bounce out, front-end development and MODX implementation.

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