Gingersnaps ETC.

This was my first full commercial Ruby on Rails project. I was provided design PSD's by the client and did all of the front-end markup and back-end implementation, as well as the Rails cart and Square API integration for payments.

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Super Secret Company (NDA in Place)

For this super secret currently un-launched project, I was a hired gun to help with front-end development on a large ASP.NET application. Think lots of jQuery and AJAX mixed with HTML5 markup into .NET templates.

Corsham Antiques

For this site, the homepage Photoshop file was delivered to me and I bounced out the graphics, did the front-end markup and implemented the templates into MODX. I handed this back off to the client ready for content entry.

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Quick Space Ltd.

The client came to us with a static site using outdated html, they wanted to keep the design as close to the original as possible, while upgrading the HTML and moving into MODX. So, that's what I did! Now they have a MODX CMS that they can manage while keeping the look they wanted.

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